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PCompany (name withheld due to NDA) is a company in the media domain and has a lot of customers. Its services and SDKs are used by many clients on their websites. After a regular customers survey, the PCompany discovered that they all utilized various external websites/services to create and track their marketing campaigns.

Few planning sessions later a decision was made to create a service that should allow customers to create and manage some campaigns that use survey forms. Moreover, the forms have to be available on their websites via SDK.

Greenaptica was chosen as our developers made their best for the PCompany before founding one.

An analyzing and extending an already created architecture



PCompany already had an architecture made on AWS and Greenaptica just extended one with the new service. The platform was based on Angular and Nodejs and some AWS services like Lambda, CloudFront, S3, and so on. We didn’t spend much effort on design because it was an internal system and speed and quality of service were the most important factors.

The panel was called Leadgen and allowed the creation of survey forms with setting up different types of fields, data uploading, translations, etc. Any created version of a form was available thru CDN as SDK. As a result, adding such SDKs to client’s websites was really simple. Moreover, that forms had timeouts and expired after specified dates.

Gathered in such a manner information was stored in a single place for handling. We have included graphs and tables for a better perspective and view. Also, it was important to export all the gathered data via the following formats – SVG, XML, XLSX, PDF – that was done successfully.



The initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it led to much closer cooperation. Generated SDKs allowed customers to simply integrate to the Leadgen panel. Serving thru Amazon CDN provided speed and availability.

Leadgen is currently undergoing the tests and it’s reported to be used by over 37 customers in their marketing campaigns.

overwhelmingly positive feedback

What partners say

Madeline Renner


I noticed one thing: it's very productive to discuss a project with people who have technical backgrounds. I forgot how to explain obvious technical things that often happen with more humanitarian people and just get more done.

Noel Clarke


The company's energy to make things happen was contagious and helped us achieve great goals. I was amazed by the ability to implement difficult things and the skills used for making good designs.

Ian Ondricka


I was particularly impressed by the ability to handle even the toughest jobs. It was one of the best cooperation so far in my career. I felt freedom creating things and proposing ideas without redundant bureaucracy. They definitely follow the modern Lean way of working. Awesome!

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