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PCompany (name withheld due to NDA) is one of the largest marketplaces for gamers and geeks. It offers a marketplace website, a PREMIUM membership to buy items cheaper, a GOLDMINE service that allows purchasers to make money by sharing product links from the marketplace, as well as a variety of additional services for consumers.
Furthermore, as a marketplace, it provides a dedicated API for integrating product databases from merchants and independent developers. All the variety of products and services requires a huge team of engineers.
Greenaptica contributed a few developers to the PCompany in order to help them form a new team for a brand new service called SEO Panel. The service had to allow SEO data changes for any page or category in the marketplace.

The PCompany already had an admin panel for controlling product/categories and other data, therefore the firm merely requested that the panel be extended with a new interface and the new service be built from scratch. The key need was that the SEO API had to be extremely fast.




Development began strictly after a basic architectural design. SEO-team was formed as a completely new team. It knew which features and when should be delivered. Moreover, the company had its DevOps team that already built a Kubernetes-based platform for developers. From that point forward, each SEO-team developer had to utilize one.

We built a brand new SEO API service and deployed it to different environments for internal team usage, testing, and production. The cache was wrapped around all API endpoints that needed to be extremely quick. Furthermore, the cache was altering one’s data in response to API calls. That was a smart strategy since it allowed the service to use just cached and actual data at the same time.

The former version of the company’s Admin panel began to modify shortly after our team was formed. We weren’t in charge of those modifications, and a feature team had been making a lot of them week after week.

As a result, we worked in a very fast-paced setting.



The project’s basic version was completed quickly and allowed SEO managers to create and change data in the already known panel with the familiar interface. SSR systems were receiving data from the SEO API in milliseconds, which was a fantastic outcome.
As we worked in an agile methodology, iteratively, additional feature requests were added to the project. As a consequence, we’re continuing to work on the project.


What partners say

Madeline Renner


I noticed one thing: it's very productive to discuss a project with people who have technical backgrounds. I forgot how to explain obvious technical things that often happen with more humanitarian people and just get more done.

Noel Clarke


The company's energy to make things happen was contagious and helped us achieve great goals. I was amazed by the ability to implement difficult things and the skills used for making good designs.

Ian Ondricka


I was particularly impressed by the ability to handle even the toughest jobs. It was one of the best cooperation so far in my career. I felt freedom creating things and proposing ideas without redundant bureaucracy. They definitely follow the modern Lean way of working. Awesome!

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