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PCompany (the name is under NDA) has a few websites that were not connected to each other. After adding one more website, the company realized it needed a solution to manage shared content, licensing, and identify the same people.

The idea was to create a web platform that allows control of content, users, licenses, etc. for data analytics, managers, SEO-optimisers. Greenaptica was chosen to cooperate with PCompany and build this new application. The biggest challenge was to manage the content of different websites without changing or deeply touching the websites.

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We designed and created an entirely new system called HB-Master. The web application was only for internal use and looked like a regular administrative panel that allowed PCompany to do what they wanted all the time – manage data from different points in a single place.

Firstly, we implemented only licenses functionality, which helped the PCompany to create license agreements, manage them by versioning and create SDKs for their websites to use. On top of that, our DevOps team was responsible for adjusting the web platform with generated data to the existing cloud solution which was used by the PCompany. All SDKs were available to websites thru CDNs that helped to speed up ones opening in users’ brousers.

After that, we started working on shared content management to make sure that everything works as necessary. The next step was users management and we are still working on that.



The initial response was overwhelmingly positive, leading to a much stronger working relationship. The idea to manage licenses thru SDKs was welcomed with open arms as there was almost nothing to change on their websites back.

The result came as fast as we’re expected:
– Content managers had a tool for sharing content without connecting to different panels.
– Marketers had a tool for analyzing the same users’ activity on the websites.
– All the licenses had single storage and sync management tool.

We are still working on improving the panel and adding features to make sure we deliver the highest quality of their services.


What partners say

Madeline Renner


I noticed one thing: it's very productive to discuss a project with people who have technical backgrounds. I forgot how to explain obvious technical things that often happen with more humanitarian people and just get more done.

Noel Clarke


The company's energy to make things happen was contagious and helped us achieve great goals. I was amazed by the ability to implement difficult things and the skills used for making good designs.

Ian Ondricka


I was particularly impressed by the ability to handle even the toughest jobs. It was one of the best cooperation so far in my career. I felt freedom creating things and proposing ideas without redundant bureaucracy. They definitely follow the modern Lean way of working. Awesome!

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