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Bringing outstaffing to your company will help you to add specific skills or establish a whole software development team to get your product idea to market quickly. Our team will do their best to make the processes as smooth as possible.

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We work in fully transparent way

  • Direct contact with talents. Our talents work in the teams of our partners under NDA, allowing us to receive feedback directly from them.
  • Regular talents brainstorming. Our talents are well-versed in both soft and hard skills. However, there is no limits. We want our talents to expand their expertise in fields and technologies where they desire to grow and flourish. As a result, we collect their and partners' feedbacks on knowledge gaps in order to better understand where they are and where they need to go.
  • Remoting as obstacle. If a talent and a partner wish to work together without the intermediary, that we are, it is totally fine with us. Building the trust relationship is one of our aims. From our perspective, we contribute to the development of a strong and stable connections and relationship, and our world begin to improve.
  • Talents provide input on both the good and bad aspects of the projects they work on. We gather the data to improve our partners' approaches in management, development, testing, and so on.
  • Feedback from a partners. We collect feedback from partners on a regular basis since we need to know if our partners are happy with our talents and how we may increase this satisfaction.
  • Talent develops. Sometimes our talents desire to shift domains, technologies, or fields in which they work. That's not an issue for us, a partner, or the talent because we all want to grow. We work together to resolve the situation so that everyone wins.

Well defined recruiting approach

Experience in building trustful interrelation brings us here

We clearly understand that the match of talent expectations and partner goals will lead to much stronger relationships.

Gathering all the project-related information: technologies, goals, obstacles, etc.
Having a pool of talents we are looking for the best fits for our partners.
Determining whether the talent's experience and expectations align with the partners' goals and culture.
Tech interview
Following the labeling of talents, the partners interview them with technical questions and real-time challenges.
Together with the partners we choose the appropriate talents.
We prepare the talents for what is relevant to our partners.

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